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Apr 2, 2015

When it comes to you and the person next to you, an arm is an arm and a leg is a leg, right? Maybe so, but not according to workers’ compensation laws. Throughout the country, benefits for injured employees are different everywhere you look, even if the same exact injury is being compared.

ProPublica recently shared an in-depth look at the way injured workers are compensated in all fifty states. Perhaps what is most surprising is the disparity between each compensation amount. The question is – how fair is this for the employees?

If a worker in Nevada can get nearly $900,000 for an injured arm, while a worker in Ohio won’t even receive $200,000 for that same injury, it certainly puts victims at a disadvantage, merely because of where they live. Workers’ compensation benefits have changed drastically over the years and the lives of many injured workers are permanently affected because of it.

How does Connecticut compare to the national average?

For Connecticut residents, benefits aren’t as high as they could be, especially when compared to other states. Whether a worker is being compensated for a thumb, an ear, or a leg, it is important to know how that amount compares to the national average for the same injury.

The following is a comparative look at Connecticut’s maximum benefits and the nation’s:

  • Arm: in Connecticut, $206,128; in the U.S., $169,878
  • Leg: in Connecticut, $153,605; in the U.S., $153, 221
  • Hand: in Connecticut, $166,488; in the U.S., $144,930
  • Eye: in Connecticut, $155,587; in the U.S., $96,700
  • Ear: in Connecticut, $34, 685; in the U.S., $38,050

Obtaining workers’ compensation is already a challenge, let alone when you take into account the fact that state laws aren’t always very fair. If you were injured on the job and are hoping to receive compensation for your losses, don’t take any chances. Hire a Waterbury workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm who can fight for you and protect the rights you are entitled to.

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