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Oct 30, 2015

Halloween night is a memorable event for many young children and families alike. However, this fun-filled evening also has its fair share of hazards for all people, not just parents, to be aware of. Whether you are handing out candy or chaperoning a group of trick-or-treaters, here are some tips on how to celebrate a safe spooky holiday.

For those planning on handing out candy, it is important to separate treats with common allergens like peanuts or choose to hand out only nut-free candy. If you are opposed to sweets, popular alternatives are popcorn balls, chips, pretzels, or stickers. Before Halloween night, make sure your yard is clear of hazards for little ones like large rocks, piles of leaves, or rakes. On the holiday itself, try to keep your home brightly lit with a front porch light to signal to families your home is handing out treats. It is important to note that you will encounter children of all shapes and sizes this evening. Please make an effort to be kind and inclusive to all trick-or-treaters, especially those with special needs or disabilities. If you plan on avoiding trick-or-treaters all together, keep your front porch lights turned off.

If you are trick or treating with small children, there are few rules of thumb to keep in mind. Check your local newspaper or news broadcast for designated trick or treating times, as some towns implement curfews on this evening. Motorists continue to operate on Halloween night so make sure to keep children close when crossing the street. Utilize sidewalks whenever possible or walk on the far side of the road facing traffic. Keeping your group well lit is a must, both parents and children are encouraged to carry flashlights. Children are also encouraged to bundle up or wear layers under their costumes as autumn evenings are known to be blustery and cold. And last but not least, before your children chow down on their goodies always be sure to inspect their bags for torn wrappers or foul play.

Have a safe holiday.


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