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Motor Vehicle Accidents in Connecticut

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Automobile accidents can have a devastating impact on your life in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, your insurance company may be unwilling to pay the amount needed to cover the damages caused by your motor vehicle accident. At BJM Law, our knowledgeable Connecticut attorneys can help you seek adequate compensation for your losses. Our New Britain lawyers are fully committed to providing the one-on-one service and personalized guidance to need to move forward after an automobile accident.

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We believe that providing comfort and emotional support during a trying time is just as important as advocating for our clients in the courtroom. Our goal is to provide aggressive legal representation combined with attentive and accessible service. We're here for you whenever you need us.

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Experienced Legal Representation in Connecticut

Our lead attorney began his career as an insurance defense lawyer, so he has an understanding of the tactics insurance providers use when they enter the courtroom. With knowledge of how the other side operates, our firm is well-versed in effective strategies necessary to build a strong claim.

We utilize a team-based legal approach, meaning multiple people work on your case to ensure that no detail is overlooked. See how our collective experience and insights can help you secure justice and financial recovery in your Connecticut accident claim.

We handle a variety of motor vehicle accident cases, including but not limited to:

What are the Steps to Take After a Car Accident?

If you are an involved in a motor vehicle accident in Connecticut, there are a number of steps you need to take. Even before you seek help from a personal injury lawyer, you can follow these guidelines to help you determine liability and improve your chance of a successful injury claim.

  • Stay at the scene of the accident: Leaving could result in criminal charges
  • Determine your own medical needs: Adrenaline and the immediacy of the situation may cause people to fail to realize the extent of their injuries
  • Help others if possible: If you can provide assistance to others, do so
  • Cooperate with the law enforcement officer: Their investigation will provide the most immediate factual account of the accident
  • Be truthful: Tell the officer what happened, but limit any opinions or comments
  • Identify the other parties and any witnesses: It can be critical to know who can provide an accurate account of the accident
  • Take pictures if possible: Pictures of the accident can be very important evidence in a future lawsuit
  • Contact our attorneys: Having our New Britain personal injury attorneys on your case as soon as possible after an accident can be extremely important to ensuring that crucial evidence is gathered in a timely manner

Free Consultation with an Accident Lawyer

Our team of Connecticut motor vehicle accident attorneys proudly offer a free case evaluation. To request a risk-free consultation, please complete the evaluation request form on our website or call (203) 663-3695. We serve clients statewide from our offices in New Britain & Waterbury.

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