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If your newborn child was injured by the negligence of a medical practitioner, you need to seek legal recourse and financial compensation. There may be a lifetime of medical complications and costs that you will now have to face. It is important that you are justly compensated for your child’s injuries. Our New Britain and Waterbury birth injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Brian J. Mongelluzzo are prepared to listen to your situation, diligently build your claim, and fight tooth-and-nail in court on your behalf.

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Common Forms of Birth Injuries

When a doctor or nurse does not perform their duties safely, they put their patients at serious risk of harm. Medical malpractice is even worse when it affects a newborn who was welcomed into this world only moments before, or sometimes after, the injury took place. The consequences of just a second of negligence can be severe, and sometimes last a lifetime.

Some of the most common forms of birth injuries include:

  • Brachial plexus: The arm of the child is harmed during birth, usually due to a doctor pulling on it to “assist” in delivery.
  • Cerebral palsy: Brain damage that occurs mainly due to oxygen deprivation during birth, labor, or as the fetus develops. Routine checkups and proper birthing techniques should prevent brain damage.
  • Infection: A child may suffer from illnesses that affect its mother when she is pregnant, often more severely due to the child’s developing immune system. Failing to diagnose a developing child when a mother is diagnosed can be considered medical malpractice.
  • Scars and bruising: Obvious physical harm may befall a child if the delivery staff uses unsafe medical equipment during delivery. Forceps and vacuum extractors commonly harm newborns when used incorrectly or at the wrong time.

Only Total Compensation Will Do

Birth injuries are one of the most expensive medical conditions to treat due to the fact that they occur right as your child is born and are often permanent. If you are offered any sort of initial settlement from the hospital that harmed your child, do not sign it immediately. Bring it to the attention of your lawyer for an in-depth analysis. More often than not, the original offer is enough to cover costs related to the birth but does not consider all the necessary future rehabilitation, pain and suffering damages, and lost earning potential of your child.

Additional treatments that could extend well into your child’s life include:

  • Routine physical therapy
  • Speech therapy sessions
  • Mental development or cognitive therapy
  • Prescription medication regimens

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Sometimes the most difficult aspect of your birth injury case is having the courage to take legal action. You might be understandably intimidated by the sheer size and deep pockets of your opposition, the medical staff, and hospital that hurt your child. At our personal injury law firm with offices in New Britain and Waterbury, we take pride in bringing compassionate, trustworthy advocacy to clients in need, to clients in situations just like yours. When you do not know where to turn or how to begin seeking justice for your child, allow us to do it for you.

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