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Anyone who has commuted a considerable amount of time or miles in Connecticut knows how frustrating public transportation buses can be. From clogging up intersections with wide turns to halting lanes altogether, they sometimes feel like real hindrances to other motorists. If a bus driver is negligent in performing his or her duties, or if the transit company fails to perform the required maintenance and equipment inspections, serious accidents may result.

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Such a massive vehicle is dangerous when steered by the wrong hands. At BJM Law, our highly-experienced Connecticut bus accident attorneys understand that people who have been hit by a bus need care and protection more than anything else as they recover. We do our best to deliver it.

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Causes of Devastating Bus Accidents

As a bus is altogether different from a typical car, the causes of bus accidents are usually significantly different from the causes of car accidents. You will need to team up with an experienced New Britain personal injury lawyer who understands and recognizes the differences.

Bus accidents in Connecticut may be caused by a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Bus driver exhaustion (long hours)
  • Defective bus parts
  • Bus passenger distractions
  • Loss of control due to weather conditions

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Seeking compensation against a negligent bus driver can be considerably trickier than bringing a personal injury lawsuit against a reckless motorist. Liability can fall on the bus driver, their parent company, or even an auto part manufacturer if a defective vehicle part contributed to the accident. To determine who should be held liable and why you will want our trustworthy New Britain and Waterbury personal injury attorneys on your side.

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When it comes time for you to pursue compensation for your injuries after a bicycle accident, the sooner you act, the better. Any delay will only allow the negligent driver to construct their own story and try to shift some blame onto you. By teaming up with our highly-rated Waterbury & New Britain personal injury attorneys, you can increase your chances of winning a settlement that keeps your best interests in mind.

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