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May 10, 2017

Did you know motorcyclist deaths occur 27 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicle crashes? Because May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss what motorcyclists can do to stay safe on the road all year long.

1. Check Your Bike Before You Ride

Always check your motorcycle before each ride to make sure everything is in working order. Look at your tire pressure, tread, and fluid levels, make sure your lights, brakes, and signals work, and see if anything is leaking.

2. Keep Your License and Skills Up-To-Date

Whether you are a novice or seasoned rider, you should always make sure your motorcycle riding abilities are as sharp and safe as can be. Courses are readily available for ever riding level, and can sometimes serve as insurance breaks, so check with your insurance provider. Also, licensing for a motorcycle is different than that of a car, so be sure you have taken the proper tests and are legally able to ride a motorcycle in your state.

3. Be Prepared for Any Road Conditions

Road conditions can be unpredictable, and sometimes hazardous to motorcyclists. In Connecticut, the roads are often sandy after the brisk winter weather, and, when combined with spring showers, that makes for slippery roads, on any vehicle. Even if the skies are sunny, the road may be wet, so stay vigilant. Also, always check the weather forecast and keep your eye on the road ahead of you for any possible hazards.

4. Wear a DOT-Compliant Helmet

Despite the ample data proving how much safer it is to ride a motorcycle with a helmet, the NHTSA reports only 64% motorcyclists wear DOT approved helmets. One of the most common types of injuries from motorcycle crashes are head injuries, so protecting your head in the event of a crash could potentially save your life. Always wear a helmet while riding, and make sure it is fastened correctly.


Most motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle occur because the driver did not see the motorcyclist. While it may not always be stylish, wear bright clothing for day-time rides, and reflective gear when out at night.

In addition to your clothing choice, you should also drive defensively, and make sure other drivers can see where you are going. For example, stay out of blind spots, always signal clearly, and change lanes slowly and in a way that the vehicles around you can clearly see your intentions.

6. Drive Sober

DUIs aren’t only for cars, motorcyclists run the same risk when they choose to ride drunk as automobile drivers do. Never get on your bike when intoxicated, always plan ahead if you know you will be drinking, and have a sober driver, or call a driving service.

Even if you aren’t a motorcyclist, you can still do your part to help keep motorcycle riders safe on the road. Always look before changing lanes or making turns, and check your blind spots as much as possible. Remember, you are in an enclosed, structured vehicle, and they are not. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable in a crash and nobody wants to see the fatality statistics rise. Do your part to prevent motorcycle accidents and share the road with motorcyclists.

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