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Aug 30, 2016

A study conducted by doctors at the University of Oxford in England compared the health and lives of 100,000 people to determine how childhood brain injuries carried on into adulthood. The study compared how people who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) at an age younger than 25 and their “unaffected” siblings functioned. The conclusion was that a person who suffered any sort of brain injury, no matter how mild, when young will have an increased chance of mental hospitalization later in life.

The differences in between the study groups was noticeable. Siblings who had a TBI in their teenage or young years were 100% more likely to be treated for psychiatric troubles; they were 80% more likely to be approved for some sort of disability pension, usually based on mental health issues. People who suffered childhood brain injuries were also 10% more likely to be diagnoses with any sort of disorder, including mild depression or insomnia.

The transition of a “mild injury” turning into a permanent issue may stem from the fact that it is thought that human brain cells develop and regenerate at an incredibly slow rate. A contusion on the brain, for example, may deteriorate and worsen over time at the same rate, or faster, than what the brain can repair. Without diagnoses, the odds of a brain injury becoming permanent increases.

(WebMD has an article discussing the findings, which can be seen by clicking here.)

Strollers & Baby Carriers Cause Concern

Car accidents are a serious concern for anyone and frequently cause some form of brain injury. However, for young children, strollers and baby carriers are becoming an increasing concern. The Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Columbus, Ohio) recently finished a study of their own that found that around 17,000 babies, toddlers, and infants are admitted to emergency rooms annual due to head injuries sustained while they were in a stroller o baby carrier. Most of the brain injuries were diagnosed as concussions but could, as stated earlier, eventually lead to serious health complications later in life.

Strollers and carriers may be a convenient way to travel with a baby in tow but they can pose serious hazards. If poorly constructed, the wheels may lock, the handles may fall off, or a loose strap could become a strangling cord. Parents are encouraged to always inspect carriers and strollers each time before using them to check for any defects.

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