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Aug 11, 2022

In July, a juvenile pedestrian in Milford, Connecticut was struck by a car near Eisenhower Park on Friday and seriously injured, according to police.

The vehicle fled the scene of the accident while the juvenile victim was transported to Yale New-Haven Hospital with serious injuries.

Being a victim of a hit and run can be a terrifying experience. Trying to remain as calm as possible while gathering information can be difficult, but extremely helpful when pursuing justice in a personal injury claim.

If you can remember the car’s make, and model or even just a few letters or numbers from the license plate, the odds of police catching the driver who hit you rise exponentially.

Also, check the area for any possible witnesses to the accident, and ask for their names and contact information. Then write down the time and location while taking pictures of the scene.

If you were hit while in your car, and there’s another car’s paint visible on your car, take pictures of this as well to help eliminate any notion that you’re trying to defraud your insurance company.

Connecticut law requires a motor vehicle operator who is knowingly involved in an accident to stop and render assistance as may be needed and provide an injured person with their name, address, operator’s license, and registration number.

When someone hits you and drives off, you may feel compelled to chase after them in your car. Please resist this urge and call the police as soon as possible to file an accident report. Be sure to include the names of witnesses and other important details mentioned above.

If the police cannot find the driver who hit you, having the official police report on file will still assist you during the insurance claims process. If you can identify the person who hit you, you can get the car insurance information from your insurance company or the policy and file a claim with their car insurance company.

However, should the driver did not carry adequate protection, you can try to get compensation through an attorney and the court system.

The law offices of Brian J. Mongelluzzo in New Britain and Waterbury are dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of those who suffer injury and damage from hit and run accidents.

If you have suffered from a hit-and-run accident, contact BJM Law today to evaluate your legal options. Don’t let the reckless actions of someone else determine your future. Let us help you to ensure that insurance companies and the legal system honor your rights.


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