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Sep 29, 2014

General Motors has made a recall on several vehicles which can have problems with the ignition switch. The problem with the ignition switch can cause the car to shut off while driving, disabling safety features such as air bags, anti-lock brakes and power steering. The affected cars were not recalled until February which was years after the problem was discovered by engineers, according to an article on

The number of deaths tied to GM recalls is growing and the number continues to increase as victims submit their claims to Ken Feinberg, who is in control of GM’s victim compensation. There have been 675 claims for death or injury in total, that have been filed with Feinberg. The claims are being reviewed and so far, thirty-seven claims have been rejected. Claims are still being accepted until December 31, so the number will likely increase.

It is unfortunate that so many innocent people have had to deal with tragedies that could have been avoided. Who knows how many lives would have been saved or injuries prevented had the recall been announced sooner.

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