Fatal Car Accidents Surge in CT | Law Offices of Brian J. Mongelluzzo

Jun 22, 2022

Summer started with a deadly Memorial Day weekend that saw 10 crash-related fatalities reported across the state. According to NBC News Connecticut, fatal car crashes are up 60% over the past year – and that number continues to rise. In a corresponding trend, pedestrian fatalities also jumped a staggering 40% and Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph J. Giulietti believes this dramatic rise in crashes relates back to the pandemic closures when roads were empty.

“Initially they were going 20 to 30 (mph) over the speed limit. Eventually that started hitting 50 (mph) over the speed limit,” Giulietti told NBC News Connecticut. “What we started seeing were the type of crashes where, getting on entrance ramps and off of exit ramps, people going so fast they started losing control of cars.”

The NBC News Connecticut report goes on to cite data revealing some of the state’s most dangerous roadways including Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, the scene of 507 crashes since 2019 – the highest number in all New Haven. Statistics like this have led to cities, like New Haven, enacting new roadway safety projects such as adding more crossing signals, upgrading equipment, and creating protected bike lanes.

Warm weather brings more traffic and unfortunately, more accidents. If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious car crash, call the Law Offices of Brian J. Mongelluzzo in New Britain and Waterbury. Our team of personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you secure proper compensation for your injuries and suffering.


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