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Oct 31, 2014

As a parent, every year we hope for a safe Halloween. Each year, we hear about the many tragic accidents that happen simply because people are just not being cautious. If we all, children and parents included, took some extra time to think before our actions, these accidents could be avoided. So take heed and drive carefully as many children will be out trick or treating. Make sure that you drive slowly and be aware of the pedestrians in or on the side of the road. All drivers should be aware that children may be excited and run into the road without looking at any time.

Parents should talk to their children about the dangers of drivers on Halloween night. Try to walk on sidewalks or paths and pick a travel route with less road crossings. To be extra careful, trick or treaters should try to wear bright costumes. Decorate the costume or bags with reflective tape to help. Carry glow sticks or flashlights to be better seen by the drivers and to prevent falling on cracked sidewalks or uneven pavement.

Parents should always be with their children, especially if he/she is 12 years or younger. Otherwise the children should travel in groups. Try to trick or treat in a well-lit residential area and trick or treat in a familiar place. Make your children wait to get home to eat the candy, and dump the bag out to search for any open candies. Parents should always make their children aware of the sickening consequences of eating open candies.

Although these safety tips are widely known, it is a friendly reminder to continually have a safe Halloween. Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday; but it can turn dangerous with the snap of your fingers. Be alert and be prepared this Halloween.

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