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Sep 21, 2016

Comedic actor Jim Carey has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit for his possible connection to the suicide of late girlfriend Cathriona White. The lawsuit was filed by White’s husband, Mark Burton, and alleges that Carey provided her with prescription medication knowing she intended to inflict self-harm. Burton was still married to White at the time these events occurred, however, reports indicate that the couple had become estranged and planned to divorce.

White was known to have suffered bouts of depression and had attempted to commit suicide in the past. If Burton is successful in his suit, he must prove that Carey was well aware of her mental state and failed to take action after illegally providing her with the potentially dangerous medication. However, as White took the drugs of her own accord while Carey was not present, the plaintiffs may have a difficult legal battle ahead. Carey has stated that he intends to stand his ground and fight the charges against him in the courtroom.

The lawsuit also calls into question the motives of Carey’s doctor, claiming that Carey used his celebrity status to illegally obtain prescription medication under the alias Arthur King. After White’s death, an autopsy revealed that she had a mix of prescription drugs in her system which may have been obtained by Carey in this way. In addition to a civil suit, the plaintiffs are also calling for the police to initiate a criminal investigation.

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