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Oct 27, 2015

The October 13 death of an East Hartford child who was struck by a car has left Connecticut State Police uneasy. The accident occurred outside the child’s house on a Sunday afternoon. The tragedy is especially unsettling considering just a day earlier a Madison man was struck by a vehicle and left in the street with serious injuries. This slew of pedestrian injuries by motor vehicles leaves many wondering how events like these can be prevented.

Careful drivers may find sharing the road with pedestrians somewhat of a no brainer but for others it is a constant challenge. When driving a populated area, you should always make note of road signs and crosswalks. A driver must be prepared to stop or slow down when a pedestrian is in or near a crosswalk. This is especially important in school zones. When turning in an intersection, look both ways for pedestrians already crossing in your path. It is also crucial to be aware of your surroundings when backing out of a driveway or parking space to avoid striking a pedestrian. When backing up your vehicle, always use proper “backing position” with your left foot firmly on the dead pedal and your right arm around your front passenger seat. From this position, you can turn your body and head to face your rear windshield, offering a clear view of passing pedestrians like small children.

As a pedestrian, you should always utilize sidewalks when possible. When crossing the street, look both ways then proceed onto well defined crosswalks so motorists can see you clearly. To improve visibility when walking at night, wear bright colored clothing and carry a flashlight.


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