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Blog Posts in 2018

  • What Does It Mean to Settle A Workers' Comp Case?

    Settlement Can Be a Great Option in Workers’ Compensation Cases Settling your Workers’ Compensation case means you accept an agreed-upon payment amount and do not take your case to trial. In a Workers’ Compensation case, this means you (the injured employee) agree to stop all legal proceedings and accept a lump sum payment from your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance provider. In exchange, ...
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  • What You Should Know About Spending Your MSA Funds

    Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Funds MSA funds are typically where a large portion of your payout will go after you resolve your Workers’ Compensation case. The money you receive in order to accommodate your injury-related costs and losses comes in the form of MSA funds in order to make sure you spend the money you receive on healthcare-related costs. Exhaustion of MSA Money The way you allocate these ...
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  • Deadly Tornadoes in Connecticut Cut Power to Thousands

    Connecticut was recently hit by a major storm cell called a macroburst by meteorological experts. In addition to high-force rainfall, some of the state was decimated by tornadoes. Brookfield and the surrounding areas in particular were hit the worst by at least one tornado that made landfall. The National Weather Service (NWS) warned Connecticut locals about the incoming storms and the probability ...
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  • Motorcycle Awareness Month

    May 2018 Is Motorcycle Awareness Month in Connecticut With more and more motorcyclists hitting the road to enjoy the warmer temperatures and summery weather, May is the perfect time to collectively pause and consider how we can protect motorcyclists on the road and preserve their well-being. Motorcycle Awareness Is About 4-Wheeled Motorists, Too The first step to making the roads safer to ...
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  • Truck Accident on I-84 in Tolland Results in Death of Connecticut State Trooper

    Last week, there was a deadly truck accident along Interstate 84 in Tolland that took the life of Connecticut State Trooper Kevin Miller. According to reports, a tractor trailer was moving slower than the flow of traffic, or had even stopped unexpectedly, on the highway. Trooper Miller was unable to break in time before crashing into the back of the larger vehicle. This story has been ...
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