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Car vs. Bicycle... an unfortunate growing trend

A recurring theme in Connecticut news is bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. Two cyclists were struck by cars in same week alone. In Plainfield on September 10th, a 39 year old cyclist was hit by a vehicle while crossing an intersection and suffered injuries to the back of the head. Only five days later, a 20 year cyclist failed to stop at a stop sign and was hit in Meriden.

There two very common instances of bicycle/car accidents. The first is the left hand turn, in which a motorist turns left into the path of a cyclist traveling in the opposite direction. The second is the right hook, where a vehicle passes a cyclist traveling in a bike lane or right shoulder traveling in the same direction then makes a right turn into the cyclist’s path. Other instances such as opening a car into a cyclist or rear ending a cyclist are more common in large cities.

For both cyclists and motorists, it is important to handle bicycle/car accidents in a specific manner. No matter how mild or severe, calling the police is recommended. Similar to vehicle/vehicle accidents, avoiding minimizing your own injuries or damage to your car/bicycle. Before traveling in a populated area or one where cycling is common, review Connecticut’s Share the Road campaign to for proper road protocol.


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