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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Trick or Treat

    Halloween night is a memorable event for many young children and families alike. However, this fun-filled evening also has its fair share of hazards for all people, not just parents, to be aware of. Whether you are handing out candy or chaperoning a group of trick-or-treaters, here are some tips on how to celebrate a safe spooky holiday. For those planning on handing out candy, it is important to ...
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  • Car v. Pedestrian an Avoidable Mishap

    The October 13 death of an East Hartford child who was struck by a car has left Connecticut State Police uneasy. The accident occurred outside the child’s house on a Sunday afternoon. The tragedy is especially unsettling considering just a day earlier a Madison man was struck by a vehicle and left in the street with serious injuries. This slew of pedestrian injuries by motor vehicles leaves many ...
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  • First Responders... Full Speed Ahead

    Many Waterbury residents agree that the recent dangerous motor vehicle v. fire truck accident was reminiscent of the tragic West Main Street accident of 1990. 25 years ago, while responding to a call, a Waterbury fire engine collided with a tree, injuring three firefighters and killing two. In 2007 another fatal incident occured when a fire truck ran a red light and collided with another fire ...
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  • Unique Study Highlights Distracted Driving Among Teenagers

    Distracted driving has always been a serious problem for motorists on American roadways, and a standing assumption states that teenagers are worse offenders than any other age group. This could especially be true with the high popularity of the mobile phone that will never go away, and is still on the rise. To determine just how dangerous distracted teenage drivers actually are, a new study was ...
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  • Keeping Little Ones Safe

    New Jersey’s revised car seat laws could mean big changes for families. The new regulations require toddlers under the age of 2 and 30 lbs. remain in a rear-facing car seats. Older children must remain in booster seats until they are either age 8 or 57 inches. This has many Connecticut residents double checking the safety regulations for their young riders. In Connecticut, infants must remain in a ...
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