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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Winter Driving Tips

    As the days begin to get shorter and the temperatures get lower, there is only one thing on a New Englander’s mind. Winter. Though this festive season is filled with celebrations and new beginnings, it also brings everyone’s favorite precipitation home for the holidays. That’s right, snow. One of the biggest challenges that comes with typical New England snowfall is hazardous driving conditions. ...
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  • Trick or Treat

    Halloween night is a memorable event for many young children and families alike. However, this fun-filled evening also has its fair share of hazards for all people, not just parents, to be aware of. Whether you are handing out candy or chaperoning a group of trick-or-treaters, here are some tips on how to celebrate a safe spooky holiday. For those planning on handing out candy, it is important to ...
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  • Car v. Pedestrian an Avoidable Mishap

    The October 13 death of an East Hartford child who was struck by a car has left Connecticut State Police uneasy. The accident occurred outside the child’s house on a Sunday afternoon. The tragedy is especially unsettling considering just a day earlier a Madison man was struck by a vehicle and left in the street with serious injuries. This slew of pedestrian injuries by motor vehicles leaves many ...
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  • First Responders... Full Speed Ahead

    Many Waterbury residents agree that the recent dangerous motor vehicle v. fire truck accident was reminiscent of the tragic West Main Street accident of 1990. 25 years ago, while responding to a call, a Waterbury fire engine collided with a tree, injuring three firefighters and killing two. In 2007 another fatal incident occured when a fire truck ran a red light and collided with another fire ...
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  • Unique Study Highlights Distracted Driving Among Teenagers

    Distracted driving has always been a serious problem for motorists on American roadways, and a standing assumption states that teenagers are worse offenders than any other age group. This could especially be true with the high popularity of the mobile phone that will never go away, and is still on the rise. To determine just how dangerous distracted teenage drivers actually are, a new study was ...
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  • Keeping Little Ones Safe

    New Jersey’s revised car seat laws could mean big changes for families. The new regulations require toddlers under the age of 2 and 30 lbs. remain in a rear-facing car seats. Older children must remain in booster seats until they are either age 8 or 57 inches. This has many Connecticut residents double checking the safety regulations for their young riders. In Connecticut, infants must remain in a ...
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  • Tragedy Leads to New Boating Safety in CT

    A Connecticut family is helping others learn from their tragedy. In the summer of 2014, a 16 year old girl was killed in the waters off Todd’s Point in Greenwich. The young girl died while tubing with a friend after being struck by the propeller of her family’s tow boat. That day, the family’s tow boat was being operated by an inexperienced 16 year old. In response to the tragic death, Governor ...
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  • Yale Fraternity Faces Suit

    A 2011 Yale-Harvard football game is coming back to haunt 85 members of Yale University fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. The fraternity is scheduled to face trial in the death and injuries caused at a tailgating party on November 19, 2011. The event occurred when a fraternity member driving a UHaul truck filled with beer kegs accelerated toward a crowd of people in the Yale Bowl parking lot. Two ...
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  • Slip & Falls in the Fast Food World

    A Metairie, Louisiana fast food restaurant is in hot water recently as the establishment faces a slip and fall lawsuit in the 24th Judicial District Court. A customer has filed suit against McDonald’s on Severn Avenue for an incident that occurred in June 2014. The plaintiff alleges that while visiting the establishment he slipped on an unidentified substance causing him to fall to the floor. The ...
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  • Car vs. Bicycle... an unfortunate growing trend

    A recurring theme in Connecticut news is bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. Two cyclists were struck by cars in same week alone. In Plainfield on September 10th, a 39 year old cyclist was hit by a vehicle while crossing an intersection and suffered injuries to the back of the head. Only five days later, a 20 year cyclist failed to stop at a stop sign and was hit in Meriden. There two very ...
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  • Demonstrative Evidence crucial in Medical Malpractice Case

    Legal evidence in the court of law can be defined simply as a thing, a document, or a testimony that bears on the truth or falsity of the claim being discussed. When speaking of medical malpractice cases, one of the most effective forms of evidence is known as demonstrative evidence. Demonstrative evidence comes in many forms including MRIs, CT Scans, models, and computer animations. Many personal ...
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  • Wrong-Way Driving: A Dangerous Trend

    On average, 6.8% of Interstate fatalities in the United States are caused by wrong-way driving. Much to local motorists’ surprise, the state of Connecticut has a greater percentage of wrong-way driving fatalities, coming out to just over 9%. Wrong-way driving, the act of entering an Interstate highway from the incorrect direction, has become a gruesome topic in Connecticut news. On August 22, ...
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  • Overtime pay for salary employees?

    According to the Economic Policy Institute, only 11% of American workers qualified for overtime pay in 2013. With the help of President Obama’s 2014 directive, the U.S. Department of Labor plans to enact a rule that will increase that statistic and induct millions of employees into the overtime system. The new rule is in the editing stage at the Department of Labor and is expected to be complete ...
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  • Workers' Compensation Benefits Vary Significantly from State to State

    When it comes to you and the person next to you, an arm is an arm and a leg is a leg, right? Maybe so, but not according to workers’ compensation laws. Throughout the country, benefits for injured employees are different everywhere you look, even if the same exact injury is being compared. ProPublica recently shared an in-depth look at the way injured workers are compensated in all fifty states. ...
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  • New Workers' Compensation Laws Directly Impact Injured Workers

    The stories behind recent shifts in workers’ compensation laws aren’t pretty. One man, paralyzed from the waist down, had his home health aide taken away from him. Another, suffering from a debilitating back injury, was evicted from his home after being unable to pay rent. These stories are unfortunately anything but uncommon as workers’ compensation throughout the country takes a serious turn for ...
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