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Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • GM Recalls Tied to Injuries & Death

    General Motors has made a recall on several vehicles which can have problems with the ignition switch. The problem with the ignition switch can cause the car to shut off while driving, disabling safety features such as air bags, anti-lock brakes and power steering. The affected cars were not recalled until February which was years after the problem was discovered by engineers, according to an ...
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  • Dangerous Work Environments

    In Enfield, a local contractor is being fined hundreds of dollars for exposing his workers to a dangerous environment according to Gleason Roofing Co. "deliberately and repeatedly failed to use legally required protection for its employees at two New Britain work sites and exposed workers to potentially fatal falls." the Connecticut Department of Labor said in a press release. A fine of ...
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  • Police Catch Man Using Fake Police Bike

    Police received many complaints of a man riding through traffic lights and making traffic stops on a Bike labeled as "Police". On September 10 th , Police caught Nicholas Ferrucci, a 21 year-old man, driving this fake police motorcycle. The motorcycle was branded with the word "Police" as well as lights and sirens on the handle bars. Ferrucci was caught speeding through a red light with both the ...
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  • You Text, You Drive, You Pay

    On September 3, 2014 State Police released a new campaign in an effort to get drivers to stop texting and driving - You Text, You Drive, You Pay. Texting while driving is dangerous and causes accidents. People don't think before they text, they just do it. State Police want to put an end to it in an effort for Connecticut's zero tolerance for distracted drivers. "You are taking your eyes off the ...
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  • Workers' Comp or Not?

    Workers' compensation can come from a variety of different sources. Certainly there are normal situations such as slipping and falling on a wet bathroom floor in the office, or back pain from vigorous lifting. Then there are bizarre circumstances. Imagine getting compensated for an injury while playing an outdoor sport. If that sounds too strange to be true, then turn away now. Workers' Comp ...
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