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Truck driver charged in Connecticut DOT worker death

Sometimes, what may seem at first to be an unpreventable 18 wheeler accident turns out to be due to the truck driver's negligence. That is what Connecticut State Police are saying in the case of a Department of Transportation worker who was struck and killed by a semi truck in Waterbury nearly a year ago. The driver in that fatal truck accident was recently arrested and is facing several criminal charges that suggest that she was driving while fatigued and tried to cover it up.

The victim, a general supervisor with DOT, was on patrol on Route 8 one day in March 2012 when he pulled over his truck and got out to pick up some debris. He turned on his truck's emergency lights to alert motorists to his presence.

But as he was working, a tractor trailer driven by a 48-year-old woman struck and killed him. At the time, police described the incident as an accident and said the driver was cooperating with authorities.

But as time went on and the investigation continued, state police found that the suspect had exceeded her maximum number of hours on the road. Truck drivers are legally required to take rest stops because of the extreme dangers a fatigued driver of a huge vehicle poses to motorists. Among the charges against her are making false statements, interfering with an office rand misconduct with a motor vehicle. These charges may be related to a possible attempt to mislead police about how many hours she had been driving when the accident occurred.

Source: WVIT-TV, "Police Charge Truck Driver in Connection With Fatal Route 8 Crash," Feb. 13, 2013

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